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Daniel Tamy

Hi, I’m Daniel, a young professional photographer based in Bournemouth, Dorset. Here are three things that I believe define me as a person.


Achieving perfection in photography is not about the end goal but about the journey of constantly striving to be better than yourself. A perfect photograph is the one that conveys a story and emotion. And these are the things I try to be better at, every single day.


The number of stories and human emotions that you can capture in photographs is limited, but the number of ways you could transmit these to the viewer is infinite. My goal is not just to take a photograph, but to make it, to paraphrase a great photographer.


I’ve been passionate about photography since I got my first film camera at a very young age and started annoying all my relatives by taking candid photos of them. Since then, I’ve always believed in taking photographs first of all with my heart and then with my brain.

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    Check out my recent photography projects below. Just click on any of them to see a series of photos taken during that photoshoot.

    If you want a similar photoshoot or if you want to try something else, get in touch. I’m always open to creative and interesting ideas.

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